About Me

I was in contact with cameras since an early age,  with my dad using a Canon E1 film camera in the 1980s.  I got my first film camera at about 8 years old,  can’t remember the brand but it used 120 film.  Then I got handed down one of the E1 cameras from my dad,  and at some point I also had one of the disk film cameras and later on a Ricoh manual 35 mm.

Then while attending TCU I took 2 photography courses with professor Dick Lane,  who had studied under the famous Jerry Uelsmann,  and fell in love with blending B&W images in the dark room,  this time it was a Nikon N50 and N90.  After graduating from college the digital photo age started and for some reason I felt disappointed as darkroom turned digital.   I sold the cameras and used point and shoots for quite a while mostly for family photos. 

About 7 years ago I moved to a Caribbean Island and began scuba diving regularly again,  something I picked up in college and fell in love with.  It was diving that brought me back to photography,  first with underwater then to night photography and on to landscapes. I learned (well still learning)  about Lightroom and Photoshop and just recently took my first dedicated photography trip with a guided group tour to Iceland,  it was amazing!  Later on I explored a bit more in India, Nepal, Faroe Islands and mainland Europe.

I stuck with Nikon,  for no other reason than familiarity with the brand and it being one of the top quality manufacturers.  For 2 years I’ve been shooting a d750,  and my lenses at this time include a 50mm, 16-35 mm,  28-300 mm,  105 macro and a 15 mm fisheye.   Plus the camera housing with twin strobes for underwater photography.  Recently I decided to upgrade to a Nikon Z6, a mirrorless system which saves a lot of weight and space and can still use all the other Nikon Lenses.  So far I’m loving it…

Thank you for visiting,  and hope you enjoy my images!